Year 3 Letter to Parents

Welcome to Year 3 at Tredworth Junior School.


Each year group is known by a colour and in Year 3 the colour is plum.  The Year 3 class names are Plum 1, Plum 2 and Plum 3.  In  Plum 1 the teacher is Miss Cass, in Plum 2 the teacher is called Miss Harris and the Plum 3 teacher is Mrs Prior.


In Year 3 we will carry on learning maths, phonics and spellings just like you have done in Year 2, but we will also learn lots of new exciting things together.  Our learning journey over the course of the year is “Who am I?”


We will learn about all our different families, religions, hobbies and interests and find out what makes us all special.  We will think about our feelings and emotions and how to keep our bodies and minds healthy.  We will read and write stories and complete art and crafts linked to these stories.


 We will investigate what is special about Gloucester and Gloucestershire and how it has changed through history.  Also, we are planning to explore new places across the world and learn about habitats in these countries, with a focus on the Amazon rainforest. 


In design and technology lessons we are going to play with, design and make different puppets; you will design and build different types of puppets throughout the year and then finally  use them in our class puppet theatre.


Each week we have PE lessons, so you will need to bring a PE kit including trainers or daps, shorts or joggers, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt if it is a cold day. Sometimes we do PE in the halls but we also go outside on the playground.  You will learn some team games, gymnastics skills, ball games, athletics and racquet sports in Year 3.


At Tredworth, we use technology to support our learning.  You will use laptops to support your English, science and maths work and also to compose music, code and animate.  We use Class Dojo to record any house points you earn for great work, reading at home or excellent behaviour and for showing a positive attitude to school. Sometimes we photograph or video your work and activities and share them with your parents using Class Dojo.   When you join Tredworth Juniors you will be assigned to a house.  All of our houses are named after mythical creatures:




      Phoenix                                         Pegasus                                          Griffin                          Hydra



Your house points will be added to all the others from your house throughout the school.  The house with the most points at the end of the term receives a special prize or trip out for the day.


Tredworth Junior School is probably bigger than your infant school but you will soon learn your way around. This is one of the cloakrooms where you might hang your coat and bag:



You can also see the doors to the year 3 and 4 toilets are in the cloakroom too.




This is one of the year 3 classrooms.


We have 2 halls where you will have assembly,  lunch and PE.  We have a large playground with a MUGA which has football goals and basketball nets.


We are looking forward to meeting you!