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27 January 2020


A belated welcome back after what I hope was an enjoyable festive period for you all.


It is also a welcome back for Mrs McDonald and Mrs Hough after their respective maternity leaves.

We have just completed our school census which allows us to examine all of the different groups in our school in terms of numbers.


The most telling number is that we are currently 310 pupils on roll. This is the highest number of pupils in my time and I have been here since 2002!


Interesting fact. On the census we have 23 different languages spoken here including English!

We are only 10 pupils short of being completely full. We are gaining many pupils already from local schools, and those joining us from other parts of the country and the world do so because of the school’s reputation.

This is a great testament to your children and you in terms of your input in our partnership in maintaining a high standard of education and care.


For those of you who are existing parents looking for a Year3 place in September, or those looking for a place and not currently connected to the school, please make sure you apply on time as we have a waiting list for some year groups.


In the last communication I wrote regarding the new opening/access times, this is working really well and improving the start to the day for pupils.


One of the key things we have to improve on as a school is attendance.  I would ask that you continue to do everything possible to ensure your children are here and on time as it has significant impact upon learning.

In terms of learning, our latest curriculum approach is going extremely well.  I am seeing so much more practical work and hearing so many more conversations about learning.


The new overview pages for each year group will be live from after half term and give you even more information about the key questions, activities and skills your children are learning to enable you to support them even further.


We will also be inviting you in on a more regular basis to see what your child is doing and to work with them.

Watch this space!


Our motto is “Together we make the difference.” This is at the very heart of what we do.


The next round of Structured Conversations/teacher-parent meetings will be coming soon and are a massively important aspect in working with you to ensure your children make the most progress they can.  Please make sure you book your appointment and if you cannot make it do not worry we will make sure we can arrange an alternative.


Once again many thanks for your input and if you need to discuss anything the door is always open.


Andrew Darby




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