Headteacher's Blog

July 2021


Dear Parents and Carers


I cannot quite believe I am writing this blog for the last time in this academic year. 


It has been a year like no other and has presented challenges unprecedented in all of our collective experiences.

The level of safety precautions we have all had to put in place has had an impact upon the nature of access to the curriculum in school in that how we share experiences and access services and activities outside of school has changed.  The need to be able to move to remote learning in the event of an outbreak has led to different approaches to our learning.  However, your children have responded magnificently and made amazing progress.


It would be easy to dwell upon the negatives of these situations, but many of these enforced changes have made us look at things in a different way and actually make improvements as a result.


We are now much more geared towards accessing learning for you and your child(ren) through technology.  We now have greater access to you as parents and carers through this technology and you have interacted with us superbly.  Lunchtimes in smaller groups give children a better experience and our transition from our feeder infant schools has been longer and more effective.


As I write this the announcement that there will be a relaxing of the restrictions comes as a welcome relief and we can begin to return to the sort of holistic access to the curriculum that allows pupils to mix and extend their experiences and relationships.

However, please be reassured that we will still continue to apply the same high level of care in accordance with guidelines for you and your children.


For those of you with children in Y6 where this is your final year as a parent at our school I say a sad farewell and a thank you.  Your children are a true credit.  I wish you well.


For those of you who will be with us in September I cannot wait to continue the fantastic journey with your children and ensure we do everything to make their time here a happy, safe and productive one.


Finally, on behalf of all staff a massive “Thank you”.  We take it as a given that you, as parents, offer us amazing support.  However, your respect for the processes we have had to put in place and your patience when we have had to send pupil groups home to isolate has been incredible.


I wish you all a happy and safe summer break and look forward to seeing most of you in September.


Andrew Darby


March 2021


Dear Parents and Carers

I just wanted to say a massive welcome back and “thank you” for a great return to school.

Your children have been incredible and it has been a joy to see them all enjoying their friends, engaging in their lessons and feeling happy and safe.

You have also been fantastic.  Thank you for the way in which you have followed the timings and continued to maintain social distancing and the wearing of masks on the playground and inside the school.  Ultimately these are the measures, alongside what we do during the day, that are going to keep us all safe and ensure as little disruption as possible.

I would also remind you that the timings of the day in terms of start and finish alter from Monday 15 March 2021.  As you know this has been flexible this week to allow you and your children to adjust and where needed make alternative arrangements.


From Monday 15 March 2021, as we indicated in our letter to you, we will expect all pupils in by 9.00am as usual.  


Children may enter the school from 8.45am and go directly to class.  I would ask that you drop them at the gate, either High Street or Tredworth Road and move on as quickly as possible to reduce numbers on the playground.  If you need to pass on a message, senior staff will be available for you to approach or you can call reception if needed.

The majority of children have been in by 9.00am this week which is great.  We have a very small number of pupils coming in beyond 9.15am, this is not acceptable.  We need all pupils in by 9.00am so that lessons can begin for all pupils on time.  We have a lot of ground to make up!

The infant school is maintaining opening up to 9.10am so there is time to come here first if needed and still make the infant school in time.


Pick up times for your children are as follows:

Year 3 and Year 4 - 3.00pm

Year 5 and Year 6 - 3.10pm


Once again many thanks, keep safe.


Andrew Darby


School will closed on Tuesday 5 January 2021

Following the government announcement, school will be closed on Tuesday 5 January 2021 while we look at provision.  Please call the school if you are a key worker to book a place for your child/children for Wednesday. 

Parents/carers who fulfil the criteria as a key worker are:


  • Health and Social Care
  • Education and Child Care
  • Local/National Government who are involved in delivering the coronavirus response or essential public services
  • Food distribution and other necessary goods
  • Public safety and national security
  • Transport and border
  • Utilities, communication and financial services


School will contact parents of vulnerable pupils. 

January 2021


Dear all


Happy New Year.


I hope you all enjoyed the festive period and are well.


School is open as usual on Tuesday the 5th January 2021 and we look forward to seeing you all.  Please keep to the starting and leaving times for lower and upper school to reduce contact as much as possible on the playground.  Please maintain social distancing and where possible wear a mask.


Best wishes


Andrew Darby


October 2020


Hello everyone


I hope this finds you and your families healthy and well as we begin the run up to a well-deserved rest for your children and the staff.


When we returned in September we all faced a situation that is uncharted, both professionally and personally.


As you are aware the health and safety measures we have put in are extremely comprehensive and require everyone to stick to them.  Your children have been amazing and have adapted brilliantly.


Our new Year 3 pupils have settled incredibly well.


I would particularly like to thank you all as parents and carers for carefully adhering so specifically to our new staggered entry and exit times and in the way you have all dealt with queries through the admin as asked.


We now need to be extra vigilant and not assume that what we are doing is job done.  We will continue to ensure we have the safety of all of our Tredworth “family” as our highest priority, but there will undoubtedly be new challenges to face along the way.


I know that we will face them together as we always have in the manner that makes Tredworth Juniors the fantastic school it is.


Andrew Darby