Headteacher's Blog

Hello everyone and welcome back


As many of you will see our new entrance, reception and admin area is up and running.

I have already had some great comments from parents, pupils and members of the public saying how fantastic it looks and how proud they are that our school has a facility like this.  It also serves the purpose of completely ensuring that access to the main body of the school is fully safeguarded.


As you will also note we are now moving to a more flexible entry to the school for your children.  This will mean that from 8.50 until 9am, children will enter the school through the blue door if they are in Year 4, 5, 6 and for Year 3 through the door nearest the lower school toilets near to the car park. They will then go directly to their classes.


I would also ask you to continue to help us by making sure your child has a healthy snack for breaktime.  Last term was a fantastic step in the right direction with children eager to show off what they had bought in.


We are also still getting a significant amount of pupils late.  Registers close at 9.10am. Please enable your child to begin their learning on time.


We have lots going on this term stating with our Pumpkin Party events this Wednesday for Year 3 and 4 and Thursday for Year 5 and 6.  They begin at 4pm and end at 5pm.


Thanks again for your incredible support which was evident before we broke up with fantastic attendance and engagement in your child’s structured conversation.  If you missed your appointment we will contact you again to offer an alternative.