What access do our SEND pupils have to facilities and extra-curricular activities available to all children?

Tredworth Junior School are committed to providing an accessible environment which values and includes all pupils regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social or emotional needs. We strive to improve access to the physical environment of the school adding specialist facilities as necessary. We have ramps at all main entrances of the school, disabled toilets accessible to pupils who need them and a medical room for treatment. We liaise very closely with the Occupational Therapy Service and the Advisory Teaching Service to ensure that all facilities ensure inclusion and equal access to all aspects of school life for every child. Our Access Audit also ensures that we are fully accessible and inclusive to all.


We provide a range of extra-curricular activities for all children including art, drama, ICT, sports, gardening, cycling proficiency, games and music clubs as well as additional opportunities provided through the curriculum such as skiing, caving, canoeing, rock climbing and other outdoor activities. We make provision for additional adult support to ensure that all children can access the activities and also adaptations are made to meet the needs of all pupils. Risk assessments are carried out prior to any off site activity to ensure the health and safety of all pupils, in addition to considering specific needs of individual pupils.