ICT learning occurs within the CLP and is taught discretely where necessary


Aspects of Technology to be covered through the CLP:


Using the internet

Data Bases

Word processing


Website Design


Green Screening and Animation



Aspects of Technology to be covered discretely:


Digital Citizenship

Email (All internet/ email/ blogging lessons to be linked to e-safety)


Developing Ideas and making things happen

Programming and Control

Game Design


In ICT we work on three different skills:

  • Computing and Programming
  • Information Technology
  • Digital Literacy


Through our teaching of ICT we aim to:

  • stimulate pupils’ interest in and curiosity about how technology works
  • encourage children to become independent learners and use a range of new technologies to support their own learning
  • ensure pupils have a good understanding of a range of technologies and programmes so they can become employed in the role of the future
  • understand how they can remain safe with their use of technology


Through ICT we can also:

  • Improve pupils’ skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • Develop pupils’ thinking skills
  • Promote pupils’ awareness and understanding of gender, cultural, spiritual and moral issues
  • Develop pupils as global citizens



  • Spiritual: model learning
  • Moral: e-safety
  • Social: world wide web, media – study in own right (communication values)
  • Cultural: differences and similarities world wide