School Vision

At Tredworth Junior School we firmly believe that “Together we make the Difference”.  We aim to raise aspirations for our pupils and community by providing activities and opportunities for our pupils and community.  These will improve outcomes so as to influence life chances through making life choices.


We work with a wide range of providers who help us to do this under the vision for Tredworth Community Partnerships.


Our Vision


Grow greater community that will impact wider society by raising aspirations that increase life opportunities and that enable people to make positive life choices


We aim to do this by


  • Providing an environment of unconditional positive regard
  • Actively listening and responding to the expressed needs of those in the community
  • Recognising that everyone has the potential to make a unique and vital contribution to society that needs to be developed and encouraged
  • Developing the whole person, addressing the social, spiritual, cultural, educational and physical needs


Our Aims


  • Modelling – we aim to model what we are seeking to impart to parents and children
  • Integrated Values – we aim to present a shared sense of aspirations and values, such as conflict resolution, respect, aspiration, so that the values that are taught and modelled at school, are matched by what the parents and children are being encouraged to adopt by the partnership
  • Positive Informed Choices – we aim to present people with choices/options, such that they understand that they have to live with the consequences of those choices, but that they can choose to take positive options that leads to better outcomes
  • Mutual Encouragement – we aim to create opportunities where parents and children can reflect on those choices and their outcomes and encourage each other to make life choices which improve life chances
  • Sustainability – we aim to see parents and children play an active role in the ongoing sustainability of the Partnership