Art is embedded within the Learning Journey.


In Art we work on the following skills:

  • Developing ideas – create sketch books to record observations
  • Knowledge and understanding of great artists, craft makers and designers
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Photography
  • Collage
  • Printing
  • Textiles


Through our teaching of Art we aim to:

  • To enable children to record from first-hand experience and from imagination, and to select their own ideas to use in their work;
  • To develop creativity and imagination through a range of complex activities;
  • To improve the children’s ability to control materials, tools and techniques;
  • To increase their critical awareness of the roles and purposes of art and design in different times and cultures;
  • To develop increasing confidence in the use of visual and tactile elements and materials;
  • To foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts, and a knowledge of artists, craftspeople and designers.


Through Art we can also:

  • Improve pupils’ skills in writing, mathematics and computing
  • Develop pupils’ thinking skills
  • Promote pupils’ awareness and understanding of gender, cultural, spiritual and moral issues
  • Develop pupils as active citizens