PSHCE is taught using the Cambridgeshire Scheme. Each year group follows a specific set of units. These units are progressed appropriately across the school. Please see the attached document for information on which units are taught within each group.


Through our teaching of PSHCE we aim to:

  • Promote the ethos and aims of the school
  • Promote healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle and personal hygiene
  • Encourage pupils to grow into good citizens
  • Promote a positive self-image of each child
  • Encourage pupils to develop confidence in forming positive social relationships
  • Teach pupils to:
    • Respect others feelings, values and beliefs
    • Keep themselves and others safe
    • Show initiative, take responsibility and develop independence
    • Have a moral awareness of right and wrong
    • Appreciate and develop their own cultural traditions and those of other cultures


Through PSHCE we can also:

  • Improve pupils’ skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • Develop pupils’ thinking skills
  • Promote pupils’ awareness and understanding of gender, cultural, spiritual and moral issues
  • Develop pupils as active citizens