Music is embedded within the Learning Journey.


In Music we work on the following skills:

  • To Perform
  • To Compose
  • To Transcribe
  • To Describe Music


Through our teaching of Music we aim to:

  • Encourage children to respond and review in a constructive way which allows them to appreciate a range of musical genres
  • Foster a sense of identity when it comes to performances, both individually and as part of an ensemble
  • Help students develop a chronological knowledge of how music has developed over time and link it to specific historical eras
  • Explore how sounds are used to create specific effects or impacts
  • Encourage children to consider how musical compositions are structured based on their intended purpose and use this knowledge for their own compositions
  • Use technology to record work in order for children to review and make changes based on their own and other people’s suggestions


Through Music we can also:

  • Promote pupils’ awareness and appreciation of how some things in life are particularly personal, emotive and have no right or wrong answer
  • Develop pupils as independent thinkers
  • Come together as a whole school to be part of a large ensemble of singers