Assembly – SMSC, RE and PSYCE

Part of our SMSC, RE and PSHCE learning occurs during assembly.


Religion and Festivals

The religions we look at in detail are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The four religions chosen are the ones that are most prevalent within our school and the community. These following principles were chosen as they are seen by us as the most important principles we want our children to understand: Being Good and Hope, Peace and Love, Unity and Equality and Service. We also explore other units that we believe provide the children with knowledge of religious teachings and beliefs, as well as give them curiosity about spirituality. We look at: Rules from Religions, Rites of Passage, Journeys and Pilgrimage, Art in Religion and the Environment. The units are specified to the year group they are most valuable to, either through cross-curricular links with theme and/or for progression of understanding. Also, each year we focus on 6 festivals: Eid, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Palm Sunday, St George’s Day and Ramadan. The festivals have been chosen as they are the ones most common within the local community; we will look at one festival per half term. All year groups will study the same festival, with differentiated planning/opportunities for learning across the year groups.


‘Great’ Assemblies

As part of our aspirations programme we are studying a range of ‘great’ people or events. Over a four year rolling programme we look at: Great…..Scientists, Battles, Explorers, Composers, Authors, Leaders, Musicians, Inventors, Champions, Designers, Britons and Inspirations! These have been chosen as we feel they represent a well-rounded knowledge of past people and events as well as highlighting people we want our children to look up to.


The News

Through the week the children watch espresso news and/or Newsround and subsequently take part in a discussion surrounding current affairs, local, national and international issues.