Early Support

Early Support is a child / family centred approach to improving the delivery of services for disabled children, young people and their families. It involves the principle of Key Working which is used to provide families with a single point of contact to ensure continuity and also to promote partnership between services and practitioners.

Early Support has developed a range of resources, materials and training opportunities to support services in putting the child and their family at the centre of holistic, co-ordinated and continuous service delivery. It also aims to support the children and their families in taking control of their lives through providing the support and information they may need to make informed choices, articulate their needs and take the lead in decision making regarding the delivery of services for the child.


The range of resources and materials developed by Early Support include:


  • Developmental Journals which provide information on development and allow families to build a record of achievement for their children.
  • Information Resources which offer a valuable source of information on different conditions, disabilities and difficulties and also provide general information and other useful areas of knowledge.
  • Our Family, My Life is a set of information templates, developed and owned by the young person and/or family. It brings together all relevant information about a child’s, young person’s and family’s strengths and support needs, as well as their priorities and their aspirations for the future.
  • Early Support APP which provides a resource enabling the child / family to share information about their strengths and needs with a range of services who can be invited to access the APP.


Early Support in Tredworth Junior School


The principles of Early Support are embedded in our practice through our systems for involving and supporting pupils and families through family learning, children and families work, parental engagement, pupil mentoring and a school based multi-agency approach to the pastoral care of the child.


As part of the Early Support Case Study, we focussed on the use of the APP as a resource for sharing information about the child at key points in their transition, specifically their transition to secondary school. This enabled both the children and their parents to address their concerns about moving to a new setting and also to articulate, in a structured format, the strengths and needs of the child and the support they may need.


Link to case study when published
Link to Talking Heads video when available