What role will the child's teacher play?

As previously described, the child’s teacher will be at the heart of the provision management process of assess, plan, do and review. Although the main responsibility lies with the class teacher, they will always be supported by a team of people including the SENDCo, the SEN team and the pastoral team.


The class teacher will ensure that accurate assessment is carried out and is used to measure the progress that the pupil makes during a lesson, a unit of work or over a term. They will identify where there are concerns regarding the progress that a child is making despite quality first teaching and will investigate the barriers to making progress.


Teaching will be planned to meet the needs of all pupils through quality first teaching, an adaptive teaching approach, differentiated support, the use of targeted support or specific resources. When pupils are withdrawn for a targeted intervention, the class teacher will seek to obtain feedback from the teacher or HLTA leading the intervention and will continue to the monitor the progress made.


The class teacher will also maintain contact with parents through the Structured Conversations or more regular meetings when necessary.