Who will be working with your child?

A variety of adults may work with your child depending on their individual needs:


• The class teacher will be at the heart of the graduated approach to assessing, planning, doing and reviewing provision for your child.


• The class teaching assistant may also be involved in supporting your child to achieve their outcomes.


Intervention Team – If your child takes part in an intervention to enable them to close the gap or to work on specific difficulties then they may be withdrawn from class to work with an experienced teacher or a Higher Level Teaching Assistant who is trained to lead specific interventions for a set period of time.


SENDCo – The SENDCo generally works to provide support and guidance to all staff working with pupils with SEND, however she may also work with your child to carry out assessments to identify specific needs. The SENDCo may also meet with the families and the children to review progress and to plan the next steps.


Pastoral Team – If your child has additional needs, they may work with a member of the pastoral team.


Mentor – Your child may have a mentor with whom they spend time weekly focussing on specific areas of need.


Outside Agencies – on occasions we may request the support of outside agencies such as an Educational Psychologist, a Speech and Language Therapist or an Advisory Teacher. These professionals may come into school to work with your child or may just advise staff on working with your child. We will always request your permission before we ask for any outside agency involvement such as this.


Designated Teacher for Looked After Children – Mrs Brunsdon is currently our Designated Teacher for Looked After Children. She works closely with the Virtual School to ensure that the needs of all Looked After Children are met.


Key Worker – A child may have additional contact through a school based key worker. Key workers may be allocated to a child/family to co-ordinate provision for the child within school. They usually have specialisms in meeting the specific needs of that child.