What other services do we use to provide for and support our pupils?

At Tredworth Junior School, we use a range of other services including:


• Educational Psychology Service

• ASD Advisory Teachers – Communication and Interaction Team

• Advisory Teachers for Cognition and Learning

• Advisory Teachers for Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs

• Advisory Teachers for Disability

• Advisory Teachers for Visual or Hearing Impairment

• Occupational Therapists

• School Nursing Service

• Speech and Language Therapist

• SEN Monitor and Support Team

• Children Services

• Early Help Team and Families First

• Targeted Support Team

• Achievement for All

• CYPS – Children and Young Person Services

• Youth Services

• Education Performance and Inclusion Team

• Virtual School


In order to meet the needs of SEND pupils, we regularly undertake a cycle of provision management involving assess, plan, do and review.


Assess – a detailed assessment of a pupil’s needs is made using a range of information from a variety of professionals through observations, assessment, analysis of attainment and progress, talking to pupils, parents (during Structured Conversations or other meetings) and other professions.


Plan – through the Progress Support Meetings (PSM), a plan for support and intervention is agreed by all relevant parties and targets are set. PSM involve the child’s class teacher, the SENCo and the Pastoral Support Manager.


Do – The programme of support and intervention is implemented.


Review – The impact of the support and intervention is reviewed and the cycle begins again.


Family support is also available through the Pastoral and SEND teams. If a parent/carer would like support they are welcome to contact the SENDCo or the Pastoral Lead and we will work out the best strategy for support together.


At Tredworth Junior School, the Pastoral Lead works closely with the SENDCo to ensure that all children are receiving the support needed to make appropriate progress and that every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. The Pastoral Lead provides a vital link between home and school particularly when it is needed most. She offers help and support to parents and children, signposting to outside agencies and assisting parents/carers to access support from other agencies working outside the school setting. The Pastoral Lead also offers advice and support to parents/carers to enable them to offer the best level of support to their own children.


Additional contact may take place through school based key workers with specialisms in the needs of the child.