The Learning Journey

Our Curriculum


The aim of our whole school curriculum is to ensure our pupils to experience, engage and become immersed in a wide range of learning opportunities.


The Learning Journey


Learning in each year group takes place under an over-arching, umbrella style question. This question should link into most of the learning taking place during that year.


Year 3 : Who are we?

Year 4 : How does it work?

Year 5 : Where in the world?

Year 6 : Is change always good?


The questions have been designed to allow for breadth of National Curriculum coverage but also to allow the children to spend their four years with us exploring history, the world around them, the arts and nature. Each question is broken down further into smaller key questions to help focus children into a particular aspect of learning.


Progression of Skills


Within each Learning Journey the National Curriculum has been broken down into skills or ‘I can’ statements. These skills based 'I cans' allow children to develop a skill then revisit and broaden their understanding at a later stage in their time at Tredworth Junior School. Each curriculum subject also has knowledge drivers that help direct the skills to certain content within a stage of study. 


Please see individual subject policies or I can statement breakdowns and coverage documents for further information on how subjects are designed and sequenced (including SRE).


Approach to learning


Throughout the year long learning journey our children are re-engaged with hands-on experiences or opportunities to excite them in their learning. We also allow children to explore and discover for themselves through guided activities as a part of their independent learning time.


Our aim is that all children will achieve and teaching should draw on all learning styles, by making connections between learning and allowing time for children to enquire and develop their learning.


With areas of the curriculum that are harder to teach we aim to explore them daily ensuring reinforcement of that particular skill such as telling the time or countries of the world. 


Throughout all our learning we consider and embed our wider school values such as spirituality, citizenship and moral developments. We also use technologies to support our learning and reflect upon the skills that can make us a better learner.