Mid-morning Snacks



If the right foods are offered at the right times, snacks can play an important role in managing children’s hunger and boosting nutrition. A well-timed snack can even out spikes in hunger and provide a muchneeded energy boost between meals.


Snacks can keep children from getting so hungry that they become irritable and unable to concentrate whilst supplementing the main meals in providing the required nutrients for a child to function throughout the school day.


The best snacks are nutritious — low in sugar, fat, and salt. Fresh fruit and vegetables and foods that contain whole grains and protein are considered to be the best choices.


Acceptable snacks for Mid-Morning:


Fresh Fruit: e.g. Apples, Bananas, Berries, Grapes, Melon, Oranges, Pears.


Dried Fruit: e.g. Apricots, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Raisins.


Vegetables: e.g. Carrot Sticks, Celery, Cucumber, Peppers, Tomatoes.


Low Fat Yoghurts and Cheeses: e.g. String Cheese and Babybell.


Whole Grain Granola Bars and Cereal: e.g. Cheerios.


Rice Cakes, Crackers, Small Tortilla Wraps.