Parent Pay Account Activation Instructions

Parent Pay Account Activation Instructions


1. You will need your letter with your activation code.


2. Go to


3. Type in the username and password from the activation letter.  Be careful not to confuse the letter l with the number      1 or the letter o for the number zero.


4. Your child’s name should appear.  If this is correct, enter the child’s date of birth and press ‘confirm.’


5. Enter the child’s personal details requested and your e-mail address.  Choose a password for your account, read and        accept the terms and conditions and then select ‘activate account.’ The e-mail address you enter will become your         username.


6. You will receive a verification email.  There will be a link in this email which you must follow to complete the set-up          and activate your account.




Number of dinners










5 (one week)