Year 3 - Plum

Welcome to Year 3!




Slimbridge Trip


All of Year 3 went on a trip to Slimbridge Wetland Centre. We were able to see lots of different wildlife while we were there and we also had the chance to feed lots of birds! 

We took part in a pond dipping workshop where we investigated the animals and creatures that live in a pond. 

We were also able to see some of the frogs that we have been learning about as part of our 'Amazon' topic. Our favourite was the poison dart frog. 



We have been investigating the best place to grow seeds in the classroom and we have been looking at different parts of a plant.

Maths - Right Angles


In Maths we have been learning all about right angles! We have been working hard to find right angles in real life and in shapes. We have also been learning how many right angles are in different turns and whether they are turning clockwise or anti-clockwise. Here we are finding right angles in the school playground!

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Science Day


Some of our keen Year 3 & 4 Scientists had a fantastic opportunity visiting Field Court Junior School before the Easter holidays studying Evolution and Inheritance.  The workshop was led by one of the UK’s Science Consultants, Paul Carpenter.


Our children got to explore the worlds of Charlies Darwin and his famous voyage aboard the Beagle; visiting South America, the Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.


The children also explored the works of Alfred Russell Wallace, a collector of natural history specimens, who travelled to the rainforests of South America and the Malay Archipelago to collect animals, birds and insects to sell for profit back in the UK

Paul bought with him numerous creatures for the children to learn about, as well as their habitats, where they came from, life-cycles, food chains, evolution due to climate/environmental changes and so much more. The children handled some of the creatures so they could experience these rare creatures first-hand whilst learning about them!

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Science Week

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