Late/Absence Procedures

Updated Absence Protocols - February 2020



At Tredworth Junior School we expect pupils to attend every day that the school is open unless a reason acceptable to the school is given and we are able to authorise the absence.


 SCHOOL DAY – the School Day starts at 9am. Please ensure your child is in the playground ready for the whistle at 9am. If your child is late on any occasion, please report to the School Office to ensure your child is signed into school and any dinner requests are dealt with.



REPORTING ABSENCE – please ring the School Office on 524578 by 9.30am to report any absences. If your child has an appointment during the morning and they would like a school dinner, please ring the office to select a dinner for your child.


Attendance 2020/21

Term 1 - 94.2%

Term 2 - 95.2%



Previous Year's Attendance

Attendance for 2016/17 – 94%

Attendance for 2017/18 - 94.2%

Attendance for 2018/19 - 93.8%

Attendance for September - March 2019/20 - 94.4% (Covid-19 pandemic)

Attendance Presentation

Requesting a Leave of Absence


It is only possible for the Headteacher to grant a leave of absence for a pupil in exceptional circumstances. If you would like to request a leave of absence, please fill out the form and return it to the school office or via email to