Family Learning

We believe the single greatest influence upon children and their learning is the family. At Tredworth Junior school, we aim to actively involve families and parents in their child’s education and seek to provide high quality information and the opportunity to work in a meaningful way with their children. In addition to consultation and invitations to theme performances, we offer Tredworth Family Learning.


This is an opportunity for parents to work with their children on activities which relate to the wide range of theme-based activities and help us to promote those all-important attitudes to valuing education in its widest sense.

Family Learning has been a huge success and parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters have had a major impact upon learning and attitudes to learning across the school.

With Tredworth Family Learning, we have:

• created a new outdoor education area
• created a healthy eating allotment where every child has planted their own vegetables
• created a new kitchen environment where parents will cook and create healthy recipes with children
• created a family room for multi-agency activities
• spread the message of partnership