School Meals

School Meals

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The price of school meals to parents has been held at £2.20 since 3 June 2013 (almost four years)

The price of a school meal will therefore need to increase to £2.28 per day/£11.40 per week in April 2017.  This increase will start from Monday 24 April 2017.

It is important that dinner money is paid in advance.  The catering company’s policy that if no money is recovered, no food is provided.

Our preferred method of payment is on-line using Parent Pay.  Activation letters are available from the school office in order for you to set up an on line account to pay for your child’s dinner.

If you need to pay by cash, all dinner money should be put in sealed envelopes clearly marked with the child’s name, class, the amount and days for which payment is being made.  We request that cash payments are made on a Monday.

Please help us! If your child has an appointment and will be late into school please ring the school office before 9.30am to book your child’s dinner.


If you are unsure whether you are eligible please pop in to the School Office for some help.